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My Podcast is called I'm Speaking...with Elizabeth West. I strive to talk about topics that are usually unheard. My tag line is "cheers to speaking up and for making your voice heard!"  A lot of my episodes are Love Letters to Introverts, Empaths, HSP's and Neurodivergents!


One of my students gave me my title. Her name is Nicole and she said that "I do a MindShift in how I mentor"! I've been coaching my whole life really. My absolute joy is to help others with one, the knowledge of self-awareness and then two, to discuss recharging,  burnout prevention and boundaries since we (introverts, empaths and HSP's), burnout much faster than those who don't carry these traits.



Do you feel exhausted all of the time? Or like you don't fit in? Or even eccentric? 

This was me the most of my life!
Little did I know that I was an introvert and an empath and also a highly sensitive person (HSP)!

Did I mention that I was a caretaker for fourteen years? I was constantly pouring from an empty cup being self-less all while working at 'extroverted' jobs. No wonder why I was so effing tired all of the time! 

In 2020 "ish" hit the fan when I had a breakdown. No longer being a caretaker I thought "let me finally figure out why I'm the way that I am". This led to my self-discovery and self-awareness in finding out that I am in fact an introvert and an HSP and also an empath! I knew with this knowledge that I had to help others who either didn't know that they were these traits and/or that knew they were they were these traits but were constantly getting burnt out! My business was born!

Hi, I'm Elizabeth!

light worker, podcaster and
self-awareness mentor

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- Nicole S.

elizabeth has given me the tools i desperately needed to be able to live my life fully - to participate in the real world, but do it authentically.


Elizabeth is a breath of fresh air, and i am so glad that she is helping me birth a new found understanding and appreciation for who i am. I am a leader, and i will use my quiet power as i climb straight to the top.

- tiffani K.